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Get started TODAY creating your own streams of residual income. Click on the links below to learn more about how real estate, dividends and network marketing can help you create your ideal life.

Real Estate Investment

By investing in investment properties, with little or no money of your own, you can create immediate residual income, have someone else pay for your investment, and leverage the real estate organic growth. Click here to learn more.

Network Marketing

Create financial freedom by building a sustainable Network Marketing business that gives you all the advantages of owning your own business, without any of the headaches and disadvantages that usually come with it! Click here to learn more.

Dividend Paying Stocks

Dividend paying stocks give you the opportunity to earn above average returns on your investments, preferential tax treatment which allows you to keep more of what you make AND cash flow. Click here to learn more.

Irene Byrne - The Abundance Club

My mission? Helping you build your own residual income portfolio in an effective and sustainable way, so you can live life the way YOU want.
I will show you how to change your financial future by creating multiple streams of residual income

I started out by going to school getting an education and then a good job. I worked hard for many years but woke up in my late 30s and realized I was nowhere near where I thought I would be and definitely not anywhere near where I wanted to be. I needed a different plan. I had a couple of challenges. I was self employed so I needed to build a retirement plan and I was starting late. There was no way I could put away the amount of money needed to create the retirement I was looking forward to. Plus I wanted more now. I needed a new plan, a Plan B.

I started buying real estate as an investment in 2005 because I knew I could start with very little money and leverage the rest, along the way I learned the value and advantages of stocks that pay dividends and then I found network marketing which for me tied it all together.

I am passionate about helping people, I want you to know how simple it really is to create residual income streams. Everybody can do this. I am especially passionate about helping women achieve this goal and I can teach you what you need to know to take you from where you are today, to where you know you deserve to be.

  • Passionate About Helping You

    achieve financial freedom with residual income

  • Love to teach and share

    everything that worked for me as well as the lessons I learned

  • 9 Years to retirement

    I was almost 40 when I started and I retired 9 years later from my career as an accountant

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I offer something for anyone who is looking to improve their financial situation and future

Investing in Canadian Real Estate Video Course

A 6-part, step-by-step PDF and video course for women, where I walk you through everything you need to know and do to create wealth by investing in real estate. Learn more here.


Join my network marketing team and build a sustainable, residual income machine that will give you the financial freedom you have been dreaming about.


If you are looking to move forward FAST we can work together, one on one to get you there. Contact me here so we can chat and discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals.


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