I Love Your Ideas but I have No Time or Money!!!

Irene, I love your ideas but I don’t feel I have any time or money to invest so how can I get started?

Well then this is the perfect time to get organized with your time and your money.  Most of us waste both time and money and by taking a closer look you will find more of both.

the-eleventh-hour-758723_640We easily waste at least an hour each day and probably more.  We waste time doing things twice or being inefficient.  We waste time by not being accountable.  If you have a job to do, give it a time limit.  Want to relax with a good book, great but give it a time limit.  And of course you can always get up earlier.  That takes care of the time.

Now we will find some money.  Review how you currently spend your money.  We all have places we can trim back.  Easy place to find money is to review all cable and phone bills plus insurance premiums.  Often there are savings there.  Next easiest place is to eliminate money spent on unnecessary items as a result of poor planning such as takeout food.  When you look at some of your discretionary spending ask yourself “Do I want this more than I want to have the security of residual income”?

Next step:

Do you already own a business?

If you do, I would recommend looking at adding affiliate income to your website or creating an online course or resource.  I would also research and see if there is a network marketing or direct selling company that dovetails with your current business.  You don’t want to start anothergroup-42917_640 totally different business but if you can piggy back onto what you have already created then you will further forward faster.
If you don’t currently own a business or are not self employed then I would look at Network Marketing.  Find a company that has products or services you use and would feel passionate (and if not passionate at least comfortable) representing.  Use the money generated from the savings you found above plus from your network marketing business to start buying dividend paying stock.  Eventually you will build up enough to buy or invest in real estate.