Network Marketing – What is it? And why do I want it?

Network marketing is being talked about by many as ‘the new economy’.

It is a way of capturing what we do naturally and creating an income from it.

system-825314_640What do we do naturally?  We tell people when we like something.  When you have a great experience you like to share it with your friends.  But with network marketing you get paid for sharing your experience.  And with the explosion of social media it’s never been easier to get your message out to thousands of people.

You get compensated for not only what you do but what people you introduced to the company do as well and the people they introduce and so on.

It’s a fantastic place to start wherever you are at.

If you don’t have a business or any extra money this could give you both.

If you are already a business owner you have a great opportunity to cross promote.  Introduce your clients to your network marketing company and introduce your network marketing contacts to your business.

woman-570883_640The potential for income is quite staggering.  The key is to stick with it.  People grossly overestimate what they will make in the first year and vastly underestimate what they will make in 5 years,

There is no other business model that requires so little overhead.  For most companies your only overhead is what you are consuming.