Imagine changing your financial future starting today by learning how to successfully invest in Real Estate

Forget everything you have heard about needing money to invest in Real Estate.

If you don't have enough money now you REALLY need this course.

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Build your own Real Estate investment portfolio.

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Would you like to learn how simple it is to buy your

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Here is what you'll get with

Investing in Canadian Real Estate -

A Step-by-Step Guide for Women


  • A full understanding of 'Why Real Estate'? The true advantages of investing in Real Estate
  • A step-by-step guide to purchasing, financing and managing your property
  • How to attract the best tenants, paying the best rent
  • Cost effective ways to repair and maintain your property
  • How to increase the value of your property
  • Alternative methods of financing that people are using everyday
  • Bonus - The key people you will need on your team

That's Great... But What Do I ACTUALLY Get for the $149?


  • A 20-page downloadable PDF guide that outlines step by step everything you need to know to purchase, finance and manage your property
  • A "hold-my-hand-and-show-me-exactly-what-to-do" VIDEO presentation of the entire guide where I will walk you through every step of the way
  • A thorough understanding of 'Why Real Estate'? The true advantages of investing in Real Estate
  • An in-depth review of the THREE ways to make money in Real Estate and how to achieve all THREE
  • A full colour workbook with additional information and lots of space for notes to help you stay organized and manage all of the details as you reach your goal.
  • A 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Take 7 days to review the program and if you aren't happy for any reason I will refund you payment in full

Sounds Good, But Who are You and  Why the Heck Should I Listen to You?


Because I am probably a lot like you.  Working hard but waking up one day and realizing that in spite of how hard you have been working, financially you are not where you expected to be.

I am passionate about investing in Real Estate and the wealth it can create. I want  women everywhere to know how simple it really is.

I have been investing in Real Estate since 2005. I have amassed a wealth of knowledge  along the way. My experience, mistakes and learning curve, are yours to exploit.

I am an avid student of almost everything I am attracted to but I am truly a teacher at heart. I can teach you what you need to know and take you from where you are today, to where you know you deserve to be.

Answers To Your Lingering Fears & Doubts


  • q-iconWill it work for me?

    Yes! ‘Investing in Real Estate – A Step-by-Step Guide for Women’is a simple, straightforward system that you can get started with today.  It requires no special skills or knowledge.  I know I didn’t have any when I got started.

  • q-iconDo I need to have experience in Real Estate?

    Nope! All you need is motivation to learn & commitment to implementing what you learn. If you are intelligent (and I am sure you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this!), and have a strong desire to succeed, you can do it.

  • q-iconWhat if I don't have any money?

    Money or lack of it is often the first concern people have.  This is often what stops them before they get started.  I speak with people all the time who are unaware of the different options available to them when it comes to buying a property.  There are many ways to invest in Real Estate without having money in the bank and I will show you how. People often ‘think’ they don’t have enough money but they never find out for sure.  Some people feel they should wait until they are more financially secure BUT that is what investing in Real Estate is all about.  Making  you more financially secure right now.  You owe it to yourself and your family to take that step NOW.

  • q-iconWhy is it SO cheap?

    My $149 program shows you the steps you will need to go through to buy an investment property but it won’t do the work for you, and that’s why it is so cheap.  I want to open the door of financial freedom through investment in Real Estate for women, and I want the entrance barrier to be so low, that it would be a no-brainer to take this first step.  If you feel confident in moving forward you will use this program as a roadmap.  If you have already looked into buying a property and are ready to move forward this program will be all you need to take it from start to finish.

  • q-iconWhy isn't everyone doing this?

    There are many reasons why people don’t take advantage of the opportunities in Real Estate.  The biggest reason is usually fear of the unknown.  If you aren’t certain about where to start then you don’t get started.  This guide shows you how to move forward one step at a time. It will answer your questions and concerns along the way.  It will take the fear out of it.  People think they don’t have enough money or aren’t sure what type of house to buy or are unsure what it will be like to have tenants.  With this program you can move forward with confidence.

Before working with Irene I was interested in buying real estate as an investment but didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the time to find out. Irene showed me exactly what I needed to do to get that first property. Now I’m able to do it on my own. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to learn more about real estate as an investment.

Wendy Down, M.Ed.
Wendy Down, M.Ed. Life Coach –

I met Irene back when I purchased my first apartment building. For me, Irene was a wealth of knowledge on real estate tax and accounting strategies. Irene was also building her real estate portfolio at that time. Since then Irene has continued to take calculated risks to build her wealth and grow her real estate investments in many areas. I would encourage anyone to connect with Irene – she is a genuine springboard for ideas and knows how to move from ideas and goals to execution!

Sarah Stevens
Sarah Stevens Sales Representative –


Don't buy ' 'Investing in Real Estate - A Step-by-Step Guide for Women' if you are looking for a no-work-get-rich-quick kinda solution or if you are pleased with your current financial situation. This is just for highly-motivated, hard-working individuals who want to get places.