15 years ago before I committed to becoming financially secure with real estate I was self employed with no retirement plan in place.  I made enough money to live but not enough to save.  I was worried about what would happen if my income changed and how I would afford to enjoy retirement.  I was getting by but certainly not getting ahead. 

What allowed me to grow beyond that period was asking myself a 2 word question. 

Ironically, it was the same 2 word question that also kept me stuck. 

That question was: What if?

When I was stuck and without a clear way out I realized I kept asking myself ‘What if’ but in  the direction of worst case scenarios. 

What if I get deeper into debt?

What if I end up in a worse situation than now?

What if I can’t make this work?

What if I buy a property and end up not finding a tenant?

What if a major repair happens that I can’t afford to fix?

After years of this I got to a point where I got tired of hearing myself ask these questions. I realized I had a choice, and that choice was where I chose to look. And when I changed where I looked the answers to the question of ‘What if’ also changed. 

I realized that my brain worked backwards from my perspective. And when I began to look in the direction of possibilities, the answers to ‘What if’ began to reflect that:

What if I am able to create more financial certainty for myself?

What if I can proactively create my own retirement?

What if I can invest in a way that allows me to live my ideal life of travel and exploration of hobbies?

What if creating financial certainty was more secure because I create it?

What if investing in real estate was more secure than I thought? 

What if I actually took the steps to create my ideal life?

Since I began asking those questions my life also began to change. Looking in the direction of possibility allowed me to buy my first property despite being in debt. 

I then kept asking more ‘What ifs’ rooted in what’s possible, and now 15 years later and a multi million dollar real estate portfolio I’m living a life that was once a What If dream. 

I’ve travelled the world and continue to do so (hopefully as soon as COVID is over!), I have a comfortable nest egg for my retirement that is much better than what I would have with a more “traditional” route, my daughter bought her first investment property at age 21 and now in his 20’s my son is well on his way with his real estate investment journey  and my life has shifted towards helping others realize their financial certainty dreams. 

So what if your financial certainty was just one perspective shift away? 

If it doesn’t appear that way, reply back and I’ll be happy to jump on a call with you and walk you through how to discover what may be right in front of you =)