You know that pleasantly surprised look on your face when you collect all the random coins around your house and realize there’s enough there to treat yourself?

It’s like a gleeful sense of accomplishment because you seemingly made the money appear out of nowhere! 

But here’s the funny thing about that…that money was there the whole time! 

It didn’t “appear out of nowhere”.

You just weren’t looking for it so it never had the chance to “appear”

You know what else never has the chance to appear if you don’t allow yourself to look for it?

The money to buy your first investment property! 

“But Irene, it’s not like I have 100k cash just laying around to use for a investment purchase” 

I get it…I was there for YEARS before I bought my first investment property. And worse yet, I was blind to the money sitting in front of me despite being an accountant who gets paid to find “money hidden in plain sight” for my clients. 

When I got fed up I had to own up and ask myself “Well why don’t I apply the same strategies I use with my clients to myself?”

That’s when I realized how much “coins were hiding in the couch”. 

While I didn’t have the cash outright I could now see many different avenues of getting it. 

In fact, I now know there’s 5 go to money sources that are available to most people even if they don’t have cash for a down payment. 

Because I was able to look at what’s actually in front of me I was able to find the cash for buying my first investment property 15 years ago.  Now I’m sitting with a multi million dollar real estate investment portfolio.  Something I never would have had, if I hadn’t taken that first step.

And the crazy thing is that it’s been true for every single one of my clients. They were all sitting on “cash” but didn’t know where to look. 

In fact, in the first 10min of a conversation I am usually able to help see if they qualify for at least 3/5 down payment options I mentioned above. 

So if you’d like to explore where you may have cash you didn’t even know, let me know and we can jump on a call to discuss it =)