Wealth Building Club

When we link arms we can go further faster.

Sometimes investing can be a lonely journey. 

Advice and opinions are conflicting.

And not everyone is cheering for you to succeed.

I invested for many years on my own, always asking and gathering information but still having to make all the decisions on my own. 

I didn’t have an investment club to bounce ideas off of, learn from and celebrate with.

Because let’s face it.

Not everyone’s interested in how much money you are making. Also, too often non investors can be quick with a story about a financial disaster that happened to someone they know and could happen to you.

Have you ever felt that you wanted to ask a question or even did ask the question, didn’t understand the answer so you just stopped asking?

The Wealth Building club is a group of like minded investors coming together to share their ideas and knowledge.

There are no ‘stupid’ questions and where you are with your investing is where you are. 

You could be a seasoned investor or just starting out – everyone benefits from sharing ideas. 

A seasoned investor may be too used to doing what they’ve always done and a new investor may have a different perspective – a fresh set of eyes is always illuminating.

It is a positive kind of peer pressure.  Being in a group where people are taking steps to move forward can be motivating and reassuring. 

Being able to discuss hurdles and obstacles and how you overcame them tells you, you are not alone and you can encounter obstacles and still succeed.

The investors in this group are doing more than they ever thought possible because of the support and knowledge they find here.

Investors in this group are:

  • Buying real estate
  • Selling real estate
  • Setting up airbnb properties
  • Trading stocks
  • Understanding and reconfiguring their investment accounts (RSP and TFSA)
  • Setting up partnerships and joint ventures
  • Setting up private lending 
  • And so much more.

But most importantly…

They are creating a unique plan for their own financial success and then implementing the plan.

If you think this is just what you are looking for send me an email at irenejbyrne@gmail.com and let’s chat.